Could A Pillow Case Be The Cause Of Your Adult Acne?

Waking up to acne breakoutsMany of us love nothing better than crawling into ours beds after a long day at work and falling soundly to sleep. However, from experience I know that there is nothing worse than waking up to a full on acne breakout and not knowing what could has caused it. In this article we will explore why your pillow case may be a contributing factor to these morning breakouts and what you can do to stop them.

Acne is often caused by materials touching your face which transfer oils and dirt to your skin, clogging your pores, and causing pimples to form. When you are sleeping, your face is in constant contact with your pillow case, therefore if your pillow case is harboring dirt, then your face soon will be!

Changing your pillow case more frequently is an effective solution to this problem, however, you may be able to avoid so much laundry by investing in a pillow case which is more resistant to oils and dirt. The material your pillow case is made from makes a bit difference to how much oil and dirt is present on the surface of the pillow case. Pillow cases made from natural fibres are able to breath more easily and transfer more oil due to higher absorbency. This prevents dirt and oil from clustering at the pillow case surface.

If you sweat a lot while sleeping, have an oily skin type, or have skin which is extremely susceptable to acne breakouts, these methods may not be sufficient for your needs. In which case you should consider investing in an anti-acne skin treatment product to control breakouts. I personally find the Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment to be highly effective and many other reviews of Exposed Skin Care seem to agree. However, it is important to consider that acne treatments like this often contain ingredients such as retinol and benzoyl, which are designed to be kept on the face overnight. These products may stain your pillow case, so when using topical anti-acne medication make sure that you use a white pillow case such as this one from allersoft.

Do not let the fear of acne breakouts disturb your precious sleep. Keep both your face and your pillow case clean!

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